Unlike Modules, utilities are standalone image processing scripts that have been designed for use both inside and outside the pipeline context. Some utilities are wrapper scripts that combine binaries from ANTs, FSL, and AFNI to simplify certain functionalities. Other utilities are R scripts that provide functionalities outside of other common image processing libraries.

There are many undocumented utilities if you look in the code. Listed below are the documented utilities.

Denoising and data quality

  • QCFC : a utility for quality control measures of functional connectitivty
  • QCFC Distance Dependence : a utility to determine the distance dependence of motion artifact on functinal connectivity.
  • Combine output files : a utility for combining the output of all subjects simiar file into one file for further analysis in other platform such as Excel, matlab, SPSS, R etc.

Image utilities: voxelwise and regional

  • Seed-based connectivity: This computes functional connectitivty between a region or mask and all voxels with in the brain.
  • Erodespare : This can be a useful tool for generating tissue maps for nuisance regression in a way that minimizes partial volume effects
  • ROI Quantification: This tool allows users to use customed atlases to generate region values