Arterial spin labeling streams

Arterial spin labeling (ASL) provides non-invasive quantification of cerebral blood flow (CBF).:

The xcpEngine includes 3 standard modules for the quantification of the CBF. The modules are.:

  1. CBF: The standard quantification of CBF that base on the relatively basic model Buxton et al 1998

2. BASIL: The BASIL uses Bayesian inference method for the kinetic model inversion and was originially developed for multidelay data. BASIL provides various advantages including spatial regularization of the estimated perfusion image and correction of partial volume effects. It is part of FSL and can also be run as standalone.

3. SCORESCRUB: SCORE (Structural Correlation based Outlier Rejection) developed by Dolui et al 2017 . SCORE algrorithm detects and discards individual CBF volumes of ASL timeseries that contaminate the mean CBF maps. It requires prior computaion of CBF (1) timesseries. SCRUB: SCRUB( Structural Correlation with RobUst Bayesian) was also developed by Dolui et al 2016. SCRUB, like BASIL, uses robust Bayesian estimation of CBF by removing the white noise as opposed to outlier rejection. The SCRUB is implemented in xcpEnigne but use SCORE to first discard outlier CBF volumes.

Each module can be run seperately and all modules can be run together but SCORESCRUB require CBF timeseries ( one of the outputs of CBF module).

Available modules